About Me

"You can take the girl of the Country, but you can’t take the Country out of the girl.”


My days growing up in the Countryside of Manchester Jamaica is where my love for cooking began. Working alongside my grandmother tilling the land, harvesting, cooking, roasting and enjoying the fruits of our labor has left an impression on me that I have carried to this day.


I would sit and watch as my grandmother roasted yams, corns, sweet potatoes, made fresh bammy from scratch, roast breadfruits, used coconuts to make coconut oil, make sweet potato pudding, Jamaican Cocoa tea, picked, parched and ground coffee...this is the traditional and authentic way of cooking that I would like to introduce to my customers. So, I’ve created “Taste of Jamaica” for a fresh new experience to bring to you that traditional and authentic Jamaican flavour!


To complement your total Jamaican food experience, we also specialize in authentic Jamaican pan jerk chicken, pan pork, escovitch, brown stew and steam fish. Our sides include festivals, fried dumplings, bammy and rice and peas.  

Through 'Taste of Jamaica', I'm pleased to offer my services of event catering, personal chef service and Jamaican food travel guide.

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