About Us

Taste of Jamaica brings the flavours and vibe of authentic Jamaican Cuisine to the GTA.


Taste of Jamaica launched early 2019 with a mobile food truck, out of a passion for amazing

authentic traditional Jamaican Food and culture. We know Jamaican culture is about good

vibes, good energy, good people and good good food. It’s about coming together and

experiencing not only the taste, but the sights, sounds and culture. We felt the best way

to experience that was not in a food truck capacity. After much discussion and feedback,

we decided to completely pivot to offer full-service catering, deciding to offer a total

Jamaican experience to individuals who love Jamaica and its culture.


We invite you on our journey to experience the sights, sounds and tastes of my Island. 

We have partnered with travel agents in Canada, Countryside Tours, Travel Bliss and Jamaican

Tour partner, Tek U Weh U Waa Guh to bring you only the best authentic Jamaican experience.

Come with us and embrace the culture, feel the vibes and enjoy the great food.  


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About Me

Donna Gardner is the founder  and head caterer of Taste of Jamaica. She holds more than 20

years cooking and catering experience. Born and raised in Manchester, Jamaica, she migrated to

Canada and spent over 15 years in the Human Resources Profession and decided that cooking was

her passion and wanted to follow her dream.  There is a saying in Jamaica, “You can take the girl out

of the country, but you can’t take the Country out of the girl”.  Her days growing up in the Countryside

of Manchester Jamaica is where her love of cooking began. Working alongside her grandmother

making bammies, harvesting, cooking, roasting and enjoying the fruits of their labor has left an

impression on her that she has carried to this day. It remains the foundation for what drives her today.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and desire to replicate authentic and traditional Jamaican food led to the

opening of Taste of Jamaica in 2019. Though Donna spends most of her time making bammies and

cooking great Jamaican street food, in her spare time, she loves volunteering in her community,

entertaining, event planning and staying on top of culinary trends.  

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